How to Maintain Your Swimwear

There are different types of swimwear such as one-piece, bikini, tankini etc. And you need to make sure to select quality fabric and construction when purchasing one so that they can last for a long time. However, it is important that you take care to maintain the clothes so that their life can be extended.

Once you have gone for a swim, make sure to rinse your swimwear as soon as you can.

Being exposed to chlorine, saltwater and sunscreen can take a toll on the swimwear and you will see the colours fading over time. There will be some deterioration with time as well. Therefore, rinsing in cold water will remove the chemicals in the swimsuit or any other impurities that can be damaging. It is best to hand wash your swimwear. You can use mild soap for this. There is also swimsuit cleaner that is specially designed for this but if you don’t have this, any gentle soap will be fine. It is never a good idea to use fabric softeners or harsh detergents on the swimsuit as it can cause the vibrancy of the colours to fade. And these chemicals will have an impact on the elasticity of the swimsuit as well. Make sure to remove any residue from sunscreen and dirt from the swimsuit when you are washing it.

Many people tend to throw their swimwear

In the washing machine or the dryer but this can damage the swimwear. It can cause the fabric to lose its shape and stretch so it is always best to wash by hand. When you are drying, you can press out any excess water in the swimwear using clean towels. You can press the towel into the swimwear to get rid of the water. And whether you have a colourful or black bikini, make sure to dry it away from direct sunlight. Being exposed to direct sunlight can cause the colours to fade and it will also cause the fibres of the fabric to weaken. And instead of hanging your swimwear, make sure to flat dry it. Hanging it can stretch it out and cause the shape to become distorted.

It is best to have a couple of swimsuits to wear so that you rotate them from time to time.

While you can wear the same swimsuit, doing so everyday can cause it to be exposed to wear and tear faster. You need to give some time for the elastic fibres to recover their shape. You have to be mindful when you are wearing the swimsuit. If you are sitting or lunging on a rocky shore or rough pool deck, any movement can lead to friction and this can cause tears on the fabric. You will also see pilling and snags on the fabric. Therefore, always keep a barrier between the swimsuit and a rough surface. A cover-up or a towel will be ideal for this. Many people tend to wear swimsuits to hot tubs but this high temperature combined with chlorine can be quite damaging on the swimwear fabric so make sure you wear an older suit instead.




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