Sneaker Care Tips for Shoe Lovers and Beginners

Sneakers are one of the most versatile shoes out there. They are both comfort and chic style put into one pair of shoes. But are you taking care of your sneakers, right? Both pros shoe lovers and beginners tend to commit the same mistakes sometimes when it comes to taking care of their favourite shoes. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can clean your favourite pairs of shoes in the right way and what products you can use for it.

Prevent Stains and Wrinkles

Taking care of your shoes from the beginning will help to make them last longer. Stains and dirt are sometime inevitable when you are wearing the shoes outside, but you can use the right products to keep them clean from the beginning. Use a good sneaker cleaning spray to coat them in a protective layer. This can keep them from staining. Avoid bad postures and habits that can wrinkle or scratch the material of the shoes such as continuous scuffing of the feet.

Store them Right

Storing the shoes inside their boxes is a great way to protect them from dust but where do you keep these boxes? If you don’t have the box, do you just stuff them inside your closet and close the door before they all come crashing down? This is another way you can ruin your sneakers.

Get a shoe organiser to store your shoes so they don’t wrinkle. Whenever you are not wearing them for a longer period of time, stuff them with old newspaper. Newspaper absorbs moisture helping your shoes to dry fast and get rid of bad odours that comes with or moist sneakers.

You can also add dryer sheets into the shoes so they are kept fresh. If you still have trouble with smelly sneakers there are always products made specifically for reducing shoe odours that you can purchase.

Alternate Your Shoes

We get it. Sneakers are versatile and comfortable and therefore it is hard to resist the urge to wear the same pair every day. But in the long run, this is not good for that pair of shoes. The insides of your shoe get moist due to the weather as well as due to sweat. They need time to dry if you don’t want them to smell bad. Also, if you want to maintain its good looks, you need to take time off wearing them and give them a proper cleaning.

Don’t Get Lazy When Washing and Drying

Sticking your sneakers into a washing machine and then using a hair dryer is the easiest way to clean them. But it is also the most damaging. So, despite how easy it looks, always hand-wash them. Use a soft brush (even a toothbrush is fine) to scrub them. You can use dish soap or a laundry detergent to get rid of the stains and the dirt that is coating the shoes.

Using the hair dryer to dry the shoes will damage the glue and interior so allow your shoes to air dry. You can use the dryer for only a couple of minutes but it is not the most recommended way of drying them safely.

If you want to save your pairs of shoes from damage, then you need to put in a little effort to take care of them. So, avoid habits that can damage them and instead follow the right tips to care of your sneakers.




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