What To Gift A Friend You Haven’t Met In Years

Losing friends to time and distance can be hard; especially if they happen to be a childhood friend who was more like a sibling. But thanks to the internet making the world smaller, you no longer have to be estranged. Here’s what you can gift them with when you’re heading to meet them for the first time in years…

Something That Will Remind Them Of Your Days Together

It’s obvious that you have a great many happy memories together; why else would it mean so much to you about what to get them as a gift? Those memories themselves can make a great gift for your friend, especially if they’ve mentioned missing those days in your recent conversations. A memorable photo framed in an elegant frame or even a token of your past presented in a lovely wrapping will make an excellent gift option here.

Something For Their Kids Or Their Family

It’s possible that even if you’ve not met your friend in years, you’re still aware of the changes their life has been during your years apart. A family is certainly a happy change to have evolved, so celebrate that change by gifting your friend something suitable for their family or their little ones. Toys and girls dresses Australia (for which you’ll have to have at least a rough idea of age) are both great ideas. Even a board game the two of you used to love to play as children will make a fun and poignant gift. 

Something Fun And Innovative For The House

Do not feel disappointed if they are still single; we have many gift ideas for singles as well! For your single friend, consider taking them something fun and innovative, but useful for their home. This is particularly a great gift if they are inviting you over to their house for the catching up. Anything from quirky fridge magnets to naughty frames for the bathroom would work well here; all you need to do is remember your friend’s likes and dislikes from their past.

Something They Are Currently Interested In

More often that not, when we try to reconnect with a friend after years, we tend to focus heavily on what they used to be like in the years passed and what they were interested in back then. However, time stands still for no one; so it’s inevitable that they may have new hobbies and interests, which they developed during your time away from each other. Learn about these interests and make your gift relevant to it. Not only will they appreciate it a great deal, it will also let them know that you’re interested in befriending their today…and not just their yesterday.

Something A Little Impersonal, But Of Great Value 

If you’ve had absolutely no contact in the last few years, and you’ve made minimum contact before this meet up, chances are that you have no way of knowing if their likes and dislikes may have changed during the years you’ve spent apart. Instead of gifting them something they no longer are interested in, consider gifting them a gift card from a store that sells a variety of items. Even a voucher for a famous restaurant in their locality would work well here; especially if it’s a multi cuisine restaurant that offers many options.




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