The Well-Dressed Gentlemen: 6 Pro Rules

We all follow rules, some because we have to and others because we want to. The 10 rules are of the latter type. We should want to dress well not just to impress but for ourselves. When you dress well you get a confidence boost that you really can’t explain.

Every man and women are entitled to their own opinion so these aren’t rule you should follow because what works for some doesn’t work for other. So, some of these rules are more like suggestions speaking from personal experience while some have been passed down from eras long before ours.

Pro Rule 1: Nothing Can Ever Replace A Dapper Suit

The most important thing when it comes to a suit is the fit. Readymade suit is never recommended because it’s rare that you find a good fit, so the best suit is a bespoke one. Pay attention to the fit.

A good suit will be simple yet perfectly tailored and preferably a single-breasted, two button wonder.

Pro Rule 2: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Colours

Most men are afraid to play around with colours and stick to a few usual “manly” colours. Try on pink, or maybe a green suit you never if you can pull it off unless your try.

With the amount of mens fashion online stores you are spoilt for choice at the comfort of your couch.  Don’t be afraid to order some bold colours.

Pro Rule 3: A Watch Tells More Than Time

A watch is often compared to a piece of art and sentimental to some. Some men sport watches that have been passed down from generations.

Pick a watch because you think it suits your personality and you love it. Don’t just pick it because it’s expensive and show off your wealth. Pick the right size and it should fit your wrists snuggly.

Pro Rule 4: Fashion Is Just 50% Of the Game

The other 50% comes from your appearance. Grooming yourself contributes more than you know to your fashion looks. Take care of your skin and have a routine. Skin care routines are not only for women.

Take care of your hair because the difference a styled haircut can add to an outfit is game changing.

Pro Rule 5: Shoes Shouldn’t Be Your Last Focus

Invest in good quality shoes and not just anything fussy. Classic styles such as loafers and brogues have been around for quite some time and they will be never going out of fashion either. Every man should have a pair of classics in his wardrobe and not just sneakers.

The best type of shoes are ones that have a round toe shape.

Pro Rule 6: Use Accessories Wisely

You should be careful of what accessories you wear because if it’s too flashy it will be the highlight of your outfit. Wisely match your outfit to simple accessories that add on to your look but doesn’t steal the show.

So, these aren’t rules that you should follow to point rather they are good advice to up your fashion game. Stick to what suits you best.




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