The Modern South Indian Bride Checklist

If there is one common factor with the south Indian wedding, it is the rustic décor, the traditional aesthetics and the large floral arrangement. When we also think of the modern South Indian bride, we look at a combination that looks stunning and is always something to remember. When we talk about weddings, as women, we are detailed and want to get everything spot on. This is not a problem but some of the times, we do not do enough, and for some other times, so for your perfect day, we have compiled the Modern South Indian Bride Checklist you need before buying your wedding outfit. Let’s go.

Always consider Fabric Quality

Quality is something you cannot compromise all in the mane of reducing cost. The wedding is only once, so your saree must be a good quality fabric saree. Another thing you must consider is that good fabric would not only go for the wedding but most of the time years after. I have seen mothers who have been able t show their daughters their saree when they are getting married, and this is possible because of quality. So, I say, never compromise quality for anything.

Your Final look should determine the shade

Sarees always flatter women, and the one thing you want to get right specifically because of how it is personal to each woman is the shade. Looking at another bride and picking a shade is not the best way to go about things because a shade too light or too dark would take away the essence of the entire look, and this is something you have to be watchful for. Another thing you need to consider is the colour you can use continuously. The choice of a colour that stands out is good, but if you cannot use it after your wedding, then it might not be the best choice.

Try using pure silk saree

For a beautiful and classy outlook, consider the pure silk saree. This might be an expensive investment on a wedding, but it is one which looks good for the day and still looks good years after.

Manage your looks

The temptation to go overboard after you have purchased the silk saree might be too much leading to mismatched colours and accessories. Once you have your saree, match it with the perfect accessories and colours, so you look well defined on your day – too much is too much no matter how expensive.

Never opt for a dyed saree

The minute a saree is dyed, it loses its essence particularly because it fails to look as good as the usual or even the pure silk material and this is something you have to avoid at all costs.

Have a mix of classic and traditional

Some of the time, the mix of traditional pieces of Indian jewellery and classic clothes speak class like no other combination. You could take a look at some of your old jewellery and see how they go well with your attire of choice. There are a range of options that can suit your attire at Jewellery by Alirah.

Be mindful when you follow trends

Trends are great, but sometimes, you have to understand that just because it is a trend does not mean that it is for you. If you see a trend and like it, think of how well it resonates with your plans as well as your looks before making use of it.




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