How To Dress According To Your Body Type?

People come in all types of shapes and sizes and in order to find out what type of clothing is most flattering on you, it’s important to understand what body type you are. The key is to find out what your body proportions are and use fashion to enhance and accentuate your best features. This article will focus on four main body types that you can use to identify which category you fall in to. Read on to find out more details.

Determine Your Body Shape

Especially for women, it is ideal to pay more attention to your curves. Check on how your waist, hips and chest all connect. In order to identify the body shape you are you must first measure the sizes of your chest, waist and hip. The accurate measurements of these areas will help you decide what shape of body you belong to and make it easier to find clothes that fit better. Keep in mind that there is no bad or good body type. Whichever category you fall in to, the important factor is to understand what styles suit you, what features you need to highlight and what areas you would want to hide. While there are pros and cons for each type, the key is to know your body and dress to look and feel your best.

Apple Shape

This specific body type generally belongs to about 14 percent of the women where the chest is three or over three inches bigger than the hips. You can simply look in the mirror to see if you are an apple body shape. In order to look your best, it is best to direct attention away from the midriff and wear clothes that accentuate your other parts especially the lower body. You could also wear plus size shapewear if you think it would help to make the midriff smaller. It is most flattering to wear shirts, blouses or dresses with V-necklines without looking too dressy.

Pear Shape

The opposite of an apple body shape is the pear body type. This is where the bottom or lower body is fairly larger than the chest and accounts for about twenty percent of the women. This too is quite easy to identify as you will notice that your lower body which is your hips, thighs and sometimes your glutes are significantly prominent compared to the rest of the body. The trick is to give attention to the upper body.

Straight And Rectangular

About 46 percent of women fall into this category where the waist is about the same size as your hips and chest. This gives an overall straight figure without a lot of curves to be seen. In order to enhance your curves, add accents such as belts to make your waist look smaller, textures and ruffles to add volume and femininity.

Hourglass Body Type

Only about 8 percent of women belong to this category and is the least common. This is usually where the chest and hips are typically equal with a small and narrow waist.  Wearing snug clothes that make your waist a focal point will look very flattering.


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