How to Buy the Perfect Suit for You?

Buying a good suit for men can be hard. There are important factors that you should look for if you are willing to buy a good suit that will last longer. So here are some basic tips for you to consider when choosing the best suit for you.


It is better to be generous with your budget because a suit is in a way, a long-term investment. Therefore, the quality of the suit will determine the longevity of it.Suits that cost less than a thousand dollars are generally with a synthetic chest piece that lines the front jacket and it is glued to the fabric of the suit.

This type of suits will not last longer and also will be damaged quickly with frequent wearing and dry cleaning. Always make sure to check the fabric quality with the prices. Some suits might have a synthetic blend in the fabric. Such suits are very likely to get damaged after wearing a few times. Suits that are made from 100% wool fabric always lasts longer.


Short term trends should be avoided when choosing a suit. Those fast fashion suits are not made for longevity and will discard over time. Classic styling suits will last longer and will always make you look better. You may want a trimmer fitting suit depending your body type. However, try not to go for super trendy skin tight suits which might be too short in the jacket and trousers.Always look for a suit that fits comfortably and proportionate to your size.


It is better if the suit you choose is navy, blue, charcoal or mid-grey because such colours are worn year-round for most events and work environments. Black suit should not be the first one you purchase unless you need to attend a too formal event such as a wedding or a funeral.

Light colours are seasonal and also stay away from trendy colours and bold patterns because those may go out of style quickly. You can add such suits to your collection after you have all the basics.


You must consider the quality of fabric and construction of a suit. You do not have to always go for fancy brand names because you might be paying for the name instead of the quality. Therefore, look for suits that are made with 100% wool. You can search as bespoke suits Sydney to help you out find a good suit for yourself. It’s fine if it is mixed with one more natural fibre such as silk, mohair or cashmere but stay away from synthetic blends.


Do not overlook tailoring because of added expenses. If you are going to spend money on a suit it has to be tailored in the perfect condition. Make sure you what you get is worth what you are paying. So, make sure to pay attention even the smallest detail before purchasing.

Take into consideration all these tips when buying a suit and you will end up with a suit that is comfortable and fits perfectly.




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