Guidelines to be an extra stylish man

If covering up our naked bodies were the sole purpose of wearing clothes, the world would have been a very dull place. But that’s to the fashion industry and several clothing brands, the world is gifted with prismatic and all types of clothing. As a male, there are many things that you can do to be stylish. But that might not be enough with the competition. How can you be extra-stylish? What are the things that are needed to be that ‘extra’?

Here are 5 tips to be that extra stylish man that everyone notices.

  • Wear tailored trousers and jeans

No matter how expensive or branded your bottoms were, if they didn’t fit well, it’s no good, period. There are too many men out there who would fold jeans inside and that is such a fashion disaster. Given that the right way to fold it outwards, you’re going to look quite stupid. But that won’t happen if you got your jeans and trousers well-tailored. Since low quality bottoms cannot be magically transformed to great ones, buy quality bottoms in the first place.

  • Do not over-accessorize

Over accessorizing is another form of fashion disasters. The thing is that, there are a handful of outfits where wear a little more accessories would be okay, but nothing works when you have over accessorized. Hence, don’t be that person who would wear two watches. Be simple, be classy.

  • Have a great haircut

The impact of the haircut on a male is so huge that it can make them or break them. This is why you need to find a skilled and experienced salon and get yourself a nice haircut. If your usual barber hasn’t been able to cater your needs, you shouldn’t sabotage your good looks just like that, period.

  • Always go for the smaller size

Many may disagree with this but if you have ever used this trick, you know it works like a magic. In fact, you’re a slightly skinny person this method will work like a magic to make you look muscular. The bottom-line is that, you need go or the right fit; and it is one size smaller than the current most of the time.

  • Invest in a collection of shoes

If you knew how a pair of shoes can change the looks upside of a male, you’ll probably start buying shoes instead of clothes. There are many shoes types out there of different brands and types. But a man should own a certain set of shoes as follows,

  • The dress shoes
  • The everyday casual shoes
  • The everyday work shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Converse

If you don’t have them, it’s about time you buy them, period.





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