Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Everybody wants to look stylish and be praised for how they carry themselves. Here are a few fashion mistakes you need to avoid if you want to look like a fashionista.

Not Following the Trends

In order to stay fashionable you need to follow the trends, this is because outdated clothes or styles can never make you look stylish. Make sure you do your research well enough, this will require you to spend some time watching the fashion shows, and flip magazines. Doing this will also help you come across fashion dos and don’ts. For example, you would know that printed palazzo go with plain tops and not with printed tops. Similarly, you will know what kind of accessories go with different kinds of clothes. While trying to look stylish and following the trend you might make mistakes. This is completely normal and is in fact a part of the learning process. So don’t be let down by fashion disasters, instead learn from your mistakes and work on yourself even more.

Following the Trends

Yes you read that right, even simply following the trends can make you look unfashionable or even lead to another style disaster. This is because different kinds of clothes complement different kinds of body. For example most of the fashion shows have skinny and tall models so the clothes might look good on them but those same clothes might not complement your body the same way. So do not simply wear something just because it is in the trend. Instead choose your outfits and the colour very carefully for example if you have a darker skin tone it is advisable to stay away from neon colours. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe but don’t have much time to go from store to store, then check out little lies clothing Australia. They have various designs which will truly make you look and feel stylish.

Not Experimenting Enough

If you want to look fashionable then you need to be bold and experiment with your looks. You cannot be wearing the same kind of clothes which look good on you. Try different varieties from palazzos, high waist jeans, crop tops to spring frocks. However, pick on clothes which complement your body for example if you have fat in the tummy area then stay away from crop tops. Similarly, if you have heavy thighs then avoid shorts instead wear jeans. Apart from clothes, you should also try on your hairstyles as it truly changes your whole look. Most of the women play safe they always stick to straight or curly hair. You could once in way chop your hair into a long bob or even try a completely different hair colour. In order to look truly fashionable, you have to rock different styles with ease.

Lastly, carry yourself with confidence. What will truly standout is your personality so whether you are wearing your best outfit where you have spent a lot of time in grooming yourself or you are in your old clothes what will make you look different from others is the way you carry yourself. So hold your head high and walk boldly all the time!




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